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Welcome to our website and for now, our Command Center until we get the local Clinic opened up after the Corona threat has passed. You can order Local or Online Services here or schedule a meeting to talk about how I can assist you.

LifePath is about helping Women live better lives. The goal is to encourage Spiritually Awakened Women to make the changes they need to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. I specialize in Stress, Anxiety, and Past Trauma Recovery right now but I do many different forms of Coaching.

I encourage you to read the Articles in this website because many of the articles are based on specific methods and information I give my Coaching Clients. I don’t hold back when it comes to providing information because I want you to feel better about life whether we work together or not.

This website does contain ads and links to affiliate links that I can potentially earn a little money from but I keep it light with the links and there is nothing “spammy”.

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